About the Chamber

Established in 1981, the Chamber is composed of individuals and businesses interested in improving trade and building a better place to live, work, and play.  Achievement of our goals is accomplished by community leadership.  The Chamber takes action in the community including:

  • Influencing governmental decision
  • Maintaining a forum to resolve issues
  • Providing advocacy, education, and leadership development training on matters affecting business and agriculture
  • Establishing business contact networks
  • Marketing Smyth County and the towns of Chilhowie, Marion, and Saltville to businesses
  • Encouraging established businesses and industries to expand in Smyth County
  • Providing referral services
  • Promoting tourism and technology

The Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County, Inc. is run by a Board of Directors that are appointed by a nominating committee and voted on by the membership. These 15 individuals are volunteers that serve for a three year term, and many of them serve two terms.  Any member is eligible to serve on the Board.  Members can also get involved by joining any of several committees that serve to organize many of the Chamber’s activities.  It is another great networking opportunity.