Membership Spotlight: Hungate Business Services

Hungate Business Services has been a Marion business since 1985.  Our goal is to provide important technology infrastructure services so that our customers can focus on their core business.  HBS provides 3 basic services to businesses and organizations in our area:  (1) Printers, Multi-Function Devices and Software from a variety of vendors including Xerox, Lexmark and Konica-Minolta.  All installation, training, and service is included; purchase and lease options are available.  (2) Print Management – we manage, track, consult and provide data to our clients allowing them to make real-time decisions related to each device.  Regardless of the number of devices, customers receive a single monthly invoice for this service.  (3) Postage and Mailing Systems from FP offer an alternative to Pitney Bowes.  As with our multi-function devices, HBS does the installation, training, and all service associated with these systems.

Welcome to the Smyth County Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County, Inc. is to become an exemplary force, partner and resource in conscientious economic and community-wide planning; advancement and sustainability; workforce and civic leadership training; recruitment and development; and countywide collaborative partnership initiatives. None of this would possible without our Chamber members and out Top Level Sponsors who are listed below.