2018 Area Beautification Award

Please help us pick the winner for the 2018 Smyth County Overall Area Beautification Award! Seven Smyth County businesses, organizations, or churches have been selected as the Area Beautification Award winners for their district by our committee. Now, we need YOU to help pick the winner overall!

The 2018 Overall Winner will be honored at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Meeting on November 6, 2018.  For more information or to make a nomination for 2019, contact the Chamber office: 276-783-3161 or info@smythchamber.org.

View the pictures below, read the descriptions, and then click HERE to go to the voting site!

Poll closes on Thursday, November 6, 2018 so vote NOW!

The Area Beautification Contest is a project of the Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County, organized in conjunction with the Smyth County Board of Supervisors. The Supervisors select judges for each of the magisterial districts and contests are held on a monthly basis, April-October. One winner is selected each month and represents one of the magisterial districts. Each of the district winners are eligible for the Overall Area Beautification Award. The Overall winner is selected through an open polling process each fall. The 2018 Overall Winner will be honored at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Meeting on November 6, 2018.  For more information or to make a nomination for 2018, contact the Chamber office: 276-783-3161 or info@smythchamber.org.

Here are the pictures for all Seven Area Beautification Award Winners:

Dollar General – Rye Valley District
The residents of Sugar Grove are excited to have the convenience of Dollar General in their area. The new building was built on a vacant lot adding beauty to the community.


Colorworks Salon & Nail Bar – Chilhowie District
Michelle Widener opened Colorworks in Chilhowie over a year ago. They have added beauty in Chilhowie both on the outside and the inside of the building in the historic Main Street.


Art on 16 Contemporary Art Gallery – Royal Oak District
Bepe Kafka turned a dream into a reality when she opened this art gallery. Transforming an empty building into a place to display art, she has added beauty to Marion including the bright, cheery yellow exterior.


Freedom Tabernacle Ministries – Atkins District
A labor of love, the new sanctuary for Freedom Tabernacle was built with the money raised by the congregation with God’s blessing to further minister to the people of our region.


Atwell Farm – North Fork District
The Smyth County portion of Ceres, Virginia is home to Atwell Farm. The Atwell Family; Archie, Darleyne, Charles, Melissa, and Maika take great pride in their farm and its beauty is the evidence.


Saltville Preservation Alliance – Saltville District
The Saltville Preservation Alliance is a group of ladies who work often behind the scenes to add beauty to their beloved Saltville. From tending flowerbeds (pictured) to decorating empty shop windows for the Labor Day Celebration, these ladies give their time to make Saltville more beautiful.


Harwood Apartments – Park District
Restoring the old Harwood building in downtown Marion, Joe Ellis has built beautiful, modern apartments. The building is a beautiful juxtaposition of the old industrial framework with hardwood floors and accents.