H.L. Bonham- A History

Hezekiah Love Bonham was born on February 18th, 1866. He was raised in Chilhowie, Virginia for the majority of his life.

Carnegie School

Carnegie High School, once located in Marion, Virginia, was an important site for the Black community in Smyth County. Reverend Amos Carnegie first arrived in Marion in 1927 while serving as the pastor of Mount Pleasant Methodist Church. After his arrival to Marion, Carnegie found the school “hardly fit for a stable” and began fundraising […]

Mount Pleasant Preservation Society

In 1871, Mount Pleasant church was built by a group of free Blacks and former slaves where it served its congregation for 131 years. In the years the church was open, many people found refuge, hope, and comfort within its walls.

A Remembrance of Local Icon

“One day at a time.” A commonly heard phrase of encouragement. This phrase meant much more to local William Fields.