Five over 5000 Challenge

The Challenge:

Did you know there’s an area right here in Southwest Virginia that has 5 peaks with elevations over 5000 ft all within a 7 mile radius. Grayson and Smyth Counties have five summits exceeding 5,000 feet and we are challenging you to take The Hike! The Five over 5000 challenge will be an adventure full of breath taking views, wild ponies and the bragging rights of hiking all five summits over 5000 ft. Hike all five peaks and snag a picture to prove it to complete the challenge! After completing, stop by the Smyth County Chamber of Commerce to grab your free sticker. Use the link at the bottom of the page to purchase your Five over 5000 Swag too!

Virginia’s Five Highest Peaks:

Mount Rogers | Elevation – 5729 Feet

At 5729 feet Mount Rogers is the highest natural point in Virginia The peak is the 19th highest state point in the United States and the 4th highest state point east of the Mississippi River.

36°39′35″N 81°32′40″W

Whitetop Mountain | Elevation – 5525 Feet

At 5,525 feet, Whitetop Mountain is the 2nd highest independent mountain in Virginia. Located at the juncture of Grayson, Smyth and Washington Counties, it lies within the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area of the Jefferson National Forest.

36°38′19″N 81°36′19″W

Pine Mountain | Elevation – 5525 Feet

Located in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area of the Jefferson National Forest, is the 3rd highest mountain in Virginia at an elevation of 5,525 feet. Its peak is east of Mount Rogers and has excellent views of the surrounding region and Mount Rogers.

36°65′71″N 81°52′12″W

Buzzard Rock | Elevation – 5095 Feet

At an elevation of 5,095 feet Buzzard Rock, located in Smyth County in the Whitetop Mountain area,
is the 4th tallest mountain in the state, and just a quick hike from Whitetop Mountains highest peak.

38°94′15″N 78°30′20″W

Haw Orchard Mountain | Elevation – 5007 Feet

Located in Grayson County, Haw Orchard Mountain, with an elevation of 5,007 feet, is the 5th highest peak in Virginia. One of the lesser peaks of the Grayson Highlands that make up the area near Mount Rogers, the mountain is south of Pine Mountain and southeast of Mount Rogers.

36°62′96″ N 81°51′96″W

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