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Nestled in the many mountains of Southwestern Virginia you’ll find a place to call home. In Smyth County, Virginia, we’ve held onto the best of what southern mountain communities can be: Slow. Southern. Style.

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Residential Properties
Residential & Commercial
Commercial Properties
Residential Properties

Appalachian Rentals LLC: 276-706-1005 or 276-686-5321 (new construction ready August 1, near Emory & Henry School Health Science Campus)

Atkins, Sherry: 276-759-1387 (houses and apartments)

Bartley, Thomas: 276-646-8155 (Two bedroom in Chilhowie)

Billings, Bobby: 276-646-2716 (Apartments

City View Townhouses: 276-781-6533 (Dover St, Marion)

Marion Manor Apartments: 276-783-7235 (1001 Marion Manor Dr – Ready in Sept 2018)

Crouse Rentals: 276-783-5346 (In Marion)

Don, Lou: 276-783-7228 (Single family house in Marion)

Frazier, Gary: 276-783-8252

Gentry, Kevin: 276-646-2396

Haynes, Kitty: 276-646-8384 or 276-646-3943 (In Seven Mile Ford)

Hurley, Sara: 276-614-8839

Hutton, Delores: 276-783-6408

Lomans, Alvin: 276-646-8524

Marion Redevelopment & Housing Authority: 276-783-3381 (Millerwood Apartments)

Martin, Russ: 276-646-3219 (Marion & Chilhowie)

Murray, Fred: 276-646-5517

North Fork Manor: 276-496-7911

Overbey, Weldon: 276-783-2280 (Apartments on Apple Valley Rd & Riley Dr)

Park Terrace: 276-783-8226

Saufley, Richard: 276-783-7993

Skyview Rentals: 276-646-5692 (Houses in Marion & Chilhowie, Apartment in Marion)

Southview Apartments; 276-781-6533

Warren, Charlotte: 276-783-4634 (In Marion)

Residential & Commercial

Bishop Rentals: 276-646-5333
Cregger and Taylor Rental: 276-783-6155 or 276-759-6155
Graham, Tom: 276-783-2289 (Centre Square Building, Presidential Apartments)
Graham, Tom: 783-4448 or 783-1822
Waddell, Harold: 276-624-3572 or 276-783-2108 (Day)

Commercial Properties

Highland Development Company: 803-645-7777

Marion Downtown: 276-378-5026
Peck Properties: 804-794-9705
Regency Properties (Smyth Valley Crossing)
Richards Commercial Properties: 276-646-3069
Joe Naff
: 276-783-3372
Ralph Price: 276-783-3396