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Smyth County Bingo – July 2024

Are you ready for our Smyth County Bingo 2024? This month there are so many fun things happening right here in Smyth County! Complete five across, five up and down, or five diagonal and win a prize, black out the entire card and be entered to win additional prizes. In order to have a valid entry, you must have a picture for each activity. You can submit your completed card via email or in person at the Chamber of Commerce’s office! Submissions are due July 31, 2024. We will be posting a new bingo card at the beginning of each month, so check back for more bingo activities!

Post your pictures completing the tasks and be entered to win additional prizes! Use the hashtags below and tag the Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County to enter!


You can pick up a paper copy of the bingo card at the Chamber of Commerce office in Chilhowie, print your own, or use the digital copy below! We are excited to see all the completed Smyth County Bingo cards!