Assistance for Residents

An Assistance Guide for Residents of Smyth County, Virginia

Feeding America Affiliate Food Banks
Chilhowie Church of God, Chilhowie                                                    276-646-2220
Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, Chilhowie                                         276-646-9939
Bread of Life Food Pantry, Saltville                                                       276-944-4661
Mountain CAP (Community Action Program), Marion                     276-783-8307
Main Street Mission, Marion                                                                   276-783-5466
First United Methodist Church, Marion                                                276-783-5194
Atkins First Church of God, Atkins                                                         276-783-2259
Feeding America of Southwest Virginia, Abingdon                             276-628-9266

Clothing/Furniture/Household Items
Helping Hands Community Thrift Store, Marion                                 276-783-7882
Second Hand Treasures Thrift Store, Marion                                        276-783-4048

Housing Resources
HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence)                                    276-228-6280
Marion Redevelopment and Housing Authority                                    276-783-3381

Income-Based Rent Options
Battleground Apartments, Saltville                                                          276-496-3399
North Fork Manor, Saltville                                                                       276-496-5766
Southview Apartments, Marion                                                                276-646-5766
Smyth County Department of Social Services                                        276-783-8148

Legal Services
Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society               276-783-8300   or      800-277-6754
Family Resource Center                                                                              276-782-1608

Blue Ridge Job Corp Center                              877-604-2354   or         276-783-7221
Mt Rogers Regional Adult Education Program   800-322-7748   or  276-228-5481
Smyth Career and Technology Center                                                      276-646-8117

Employment and Training
@Work Personnel Service                                                                           276-783-1002
People, Inc.                                                                                                     276-783-2432
Virginia Employment Commission                                                           276-706-8334

Health Care
Lions Club (Eye exams and glasses for qualified individuals) 
Mt Rogers Medication Assistance Program-The Pharmacy Connection  276-783-8148
Saltville                        276-496-4433
Saltville Medical Center                                                                                      276-496-4433
Mel Leaman Free Clinic                                                                                      276-781-0866
Southwest Virginia Regional Dental Center                                                   888-531-8354
Whitetop Community Health Clinic                                                                 276-388-3067

Other Resources
Mountain CAP (Community Action Program                                                 276-783-7337
Assistance with utilities, clothing, Head Start, weatherization, etc
Family Resource Center                                    24-Hour Hotline:                  800-613-6145
Assistance with sexual abuse, and domestic violence victims         276-782-1608
Project Crossroads                                                                                               276-783-3339
Assistance with firewood, household items, and home repair
District Three Governmental Cooperative          800-541-0933   or          276-783-8157
Provides services to individuals 60 or older        Saltville                 276-496-3824
Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services                                            276-781-7466
Provides training and employment services for people with severe disabilities
Appalachian Independence Center                                                                 276-628-2979
Assures individuals with disabilities receive needed services         276-628-2979
Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center                                                276-669-6331
Provides used hearing aids
Community Counseling Services                                                                      276-783-8185
Provides psychiatric evaluations, counseling, etc

Mountain Lynx Transportation ($0.50 a ride)                                             276-783-9300

For an additional list of available resources, please call 2-1-1 within Virginia.